We are the premiere fish sauce company in the Philippines

We love to make “PATIS”.

We create and provide delicious high quality food products to Filipinos all over the world.

We are the Filipinos FIRST CHOICE!

  • Who we are

    Lorenzana Food Corporation (LFC) is one of the more popular and experienced Filipino food manufacturers in the Philippines. With brand names like LORINS, LORENZANA and FILTASTE you can be sure of its high quality and good taste. LFC was incorporated in 1972 but it was established as early as 1908 as a BAGOONG manufacturer. It was formally named Lorenzana Food Products in 1938.

    LFC is the manufacturer of LORINS Patis, the leading Fish Sauce brand in the Philippine market.

  • Our history

    Lorenzana Food Corporation (LFC) traces its humble beginnings at Tagudin, Ilocos Sur at the turn of the century (1908). Its founder, Mr. Felipe Lorenzana started his Bagoong business with his family catering to farmers and miners of Northern Luzon. As the demands of the business grew, his son Solomon Lorenzana Sr. became involved and began exporting Bagoong and Patis to Hawaii in 1936.

    From a cottage industry in Tagudin, Ilocos Sur, LFC has grown. It has evolved to be the market leader in the domestic Patis and Bagoong industry with its LORINS and LORENZANA brands. Modern facilities and the commitment to make Patis and Bagoong world class products have not only brought recognition to LFC in the global market but also brought pride to Filipinos overseas as Lorenzana has made Philippine Bagoong and Patis truly world class.

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