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Lorenzana Food Corporation (LFC) is one of the more popular and experienced Filipino food manufacturers in the Philippines. With brand names like Lorins, Lorenzana, Filtaste and Selecta you can be sure of its high quality and good taste. LFC was incorporated in 1972 but it was established as early as 1908 as a BAGOONG manufacturer. It was formally named Lorenzana Food Products in 1938. LFC is the manufacturer of LORINS Patis, the leading Fish Sauce brand in the Philippine market. It is widely used as a key ingredient or dipping sauce for popular Filipino dishes such as pork sinigang, beef nilaga, tinolang manok, among many others.

As a major player in the local sauces and condiments market, we also manufacture, market, sell and/or distribute equally popular brands such as LORINS SOY SAUCE, LORINS SUKANG SASA (VINEGAR), LORINS BAGOONG SAUCE, FILTASTE COCONUT MILK, FILTASTE TABA NG TALANGKA (CRAB PASTE). These products have become staple ingredients in the daily cooking requirements of the Filipino family to enrich the taste and flavor of popular Filipino dishes. These are the same products that are highly patronized by Filipinos in the United States of America, Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

LFC is in the business of marketing and exporting a wide variety of ethnic foodstuff, condiments; fish and fruit preserves, noodles, frozen fish, fruits and vegetables; and other Filipino food that are in demand overseas.

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